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The Beginning of my Private Jungle

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Starting a collection of plants can start small and out of the blue. I've always had a fascination with all kinds of plants and the amazing variety of plants, all are individual and different in their own way. The way a plant looks as its leaves flitter in the breeze, flashing its vibrant green colors. The peace you feel breathing the clean air they have traded us in return for care. The variety of colors they can produce from bright green to dull, dark green, a touch of orange here and a splash of red streaks there adds vibrance where ever they are. Why wouldn't anyone want to surround themselves with the calming feel of vegetation around them? The crisp and refreshing feeling of the outdoors is then inside your home.

I started with a small succulent years ago and have since then collected all kinds of plants. From collecting propagation starts while traveling, friends and family gifting me different plant treasures they have found for me or even just shopping at Lowe's. My small collection soon became an obsession and has completely take over my home. Every spot that recieves even the tiniest of sunlight, has clusters of plants stands and shelves to provide a space for each new green friend.

I have started this page in the hopes of creating a place of discussion for plant enthusiasts of every kind, new or expericenced. A platform for friends to learn and add their own pointers in the hopes of creating a place of knowledge and growth for all plant lovers to enjoy.

I'm excited for the journey ahead and hope you all enjoy!

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